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Single radiocarbon dates are relatively uninformative for constructing a chronology, whereas multiple dates help to achieve a closer approximation of the true date of the context from which samples were taken.

Conversely, in such conditions, it is relevant to enumerate elements in the order underlying the general elongation of the Gaussian distribution by enumerating elements according to their distance to the two endpoints of the distribution.By observing and studying their attributes, archeologists can usually discover trends.By identifying attributes that change most rapidly—such as a pot shape or the images carved on gravestones—archeologists can construct a sequence that accurately reflects the passage of time.Beramendi-Orosco and others, Quaternary Research 71 (2009) 99–107) 4.5.5.Potassium-argon (40K/40Ar) and argon-argon dating (40Ar/39Ar) Potassium-argon is ideal for dating early hominid fossils in East Africa, for they occur in an area that was volcanically active when the fossils were deposited between one and five million years ago; pioneering results in the 1950s doubled previous estimates of their age. Uranium series dating The dating of rocks back to the Pre-Cambrian by measuring the proportions of uranium to lead or uranium to helium was possible because isotopes of uranium remain radioactive for such a long period. Fission-track dating This method involves counting microscopic tracks caused by fragments derived from fission of uranium-238 in glassy minerals, whether geological or of human manufacture.

Studying how attributes become popular, then lose popularity and are replaced by new attributes reveal much about a culture's creation, use, and consumption of material goods. The frequencies of three artifact types at five sites are graphed to illustrate seriation.

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