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The new research also indicates the crucifixion site is around 20 metres (66 ft) from the traditionally accepted site.

The Friars Minor were ardent proponents of devotional meditation as a means to access and understand the Passion.Standard Roman city design places the main east-west road through the middle of the city, but the presence of the Temple Mount in the middle of this position required Hadrian’s planners to add an extra east-west road at its north.In addition to the usual central north-south road (cardo), which in Jerusalem headed straight up the western hill, a second major north-south road was added down the line of the Tyropoeon Valley; these two cardines converge near the Damascus Gate, close to the Via Dolorosa.Throughout the fourteenth century, a number of events, marked by stations on the Via Dolorosa, emerged in devotional literature and on the physical site in Jerusalem.The first stations to appear in pilgrimage accounts were the Encounter with Simon of Cyrene and the Daughters of Jerusalem.

Bagi Yang belum pernah ke Jerusalewm, khusus saya tampilkan kisah jalan kesengsaraan Jesus Kristus yang dikenal sebagai jalan dolorosa, Ikutilah kisah ini dengan khidtmat untuk merasakan bagaimana Sang Penebus berkorban untuk kita manusia Most scholars believe in the historic accuracy of the geography involved in the location of this Christian site.

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