Sedating a cat for moving

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Animals can respond very differently to sedatives/tranquilizers under normal circumstances.

Beyond this, we’ve had some client look into natural remedies for calming pets with brands like Pet Eze. I don't want to use a sedative but what can another way be?Little is known about the effects of sedation on animals that are being shipped by air and enclosed in kennels at 8,000 feet or higher, the altitude at which cargo holds are pressurized.Additionally, some animals react abnormally to sedatives.Any advice on making it easier for him and keeping him just a little calm? It’s really important that a traveling pet feels safe and relaxed inside this space, since he will be spending so much time there.Here are some helpful tips on how to crate train a dog for travel.

We've never used a crate at home so he's not crate trained either.

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