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For example, women who use OKCupid tell me they typically receive between 15 and 50 emails weekly here in Seattle.

Many say they regularly get exhausted just trying to keep up with the inflow.

I don't need to live or be around other blacks ( my current neighborhood in Atlanta is mainly white and latin).

I'm also the only black guy who works on my team, and I'm pretty comfortable with that (been that way on numerous occassions).

With that said, I must admit I’ve gone full male entitlement when losing on to my friend at foosball (on several occasions).

I want to start and change the conversation surrounding these gender issues, not displace blame to entities and institutions we have no control over.

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They had mentioned a few times that Bremerton/Tacoma/Seattle/Everett were basically the only areas they could find black women and that choices were kind of limited.

The girl usually scores a few points with little affect from the opposition.

Once her lead is solidified and it’s clear she’s the better player (and she really is — she’s the annoying type who learns your style faster than you can adapt), you’ll start noticing the guy “inadvertently” spin his players, hit the ball harder but with less tact, and serve the ball with a clearly unfair spin.

They also said there was no shortage of large, white women in those areas that are looking specifically for black men.

I do however love black women, and while I've dated inter racially and had a few interracial relationships, I'm mainly attracted to black women. Anyone has any experience in dating as a minority in the Seattle area? Awesome you're moving to Seattle, my family lives in Atlanta, and I similarly am moving to Seattle in about a month.

Fortunately, I know a girl who’s great at foosball, and she’s always up for a game of wits.

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