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So don't let the lack of older women on dating apps prevent you from putting yourself out there on apps and elsewhere, ELDER.

As for your rookie status, there are two examples of lesbians pining over rookies in this very column!

And this is important: Before she can respond to your ask, WORKING, invite her to say "no" if the answer is no or "straight" if the identity is straight. I'm a lesbian, and my partner recently reconnected with a childhood friend.

At first I felt sorry for him, as he was having a health crisis.

end up convincing someone to spend time with you, it shouldn’t have to be a struggle deciding what to do together.

If she likes it, then she's a lesbian or bisexual but so invested in her heterosexual identity that she can't "go there." (Alabama, you said?

My partner won't stand up for me when I say no to this guy.

How can I get my partner to listen to me or get her jackass friend to leave me be?

I love her deeply, she loves me, but we don't have sex.

She has given me a pass to sleep with whoever I like, but I'm one of those weirdos who requires an emotional connection to sleep with someone.

Read More » Usually, WE’RE the ones that surprise the people on the other line… and he was literally speechless at what to say to the person on the line. Read More » Guys have a very special ability (it's almost like a superpower), where they can screw up a date before it even happens. Read More » There’s no one that can bring you down in a fight QUITE like your sibling…

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    Put it into practice: Spend a week looking for anything and everything your partner does “right.” You can even jot down anything you notice for each day if you choose.

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