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But really, what wisdom can you glean from a three track EP especially when one of those songs is a cover version? Unfortunately Jay doesn’t really have much to make his mark with.

Things for the group couldn’t be better except for the fact that Rob Zombie and Sean Yseult had ended their long-term relationship and Rob Zombie refused to speak directly to her, opting to speak through J. It also didn’t help that, by this point, Rob Zombie viewed the rest of the band as nothing more than trained monkeys to further his career.

Every song has a neat part or two but no song is good in its entirety. The album was a massive success, the music videos were on MTV, the songs were on the radio and the band was playing enormous venues and appearing on soundtracks.

Or, in the case of “Super Charger Heaven”, an otherwise ripping, punk metal tune with a neat surfy bit, the song is ruined by Zombie’s extremely annoying vocals. 1 (The Agony)”, “I, Zombie” and “Blood, Milk and Sky” could not have taken more than a few minutes to write. But I guess, even at the peak of their success, they knew the end was near.

The 11 songs (the back lists 14 tracks but “Knuckle Duster Radio 1-A”, “Knuckle Duster Radio 2-B” and “One Big Crunch” are just minute long collages of movie samples) on the album are all just groove oriented, slow to mid-tempo metal with the occasional funky back beat. throws in some weird, little parts in every song like the Slayer-esque intro to “Soul-Crusher” or the scary little melody in “Spiderbaby (Yeah-Yeah-Yeah)” and every one of them is loaded up on movie samples from films like but most of the songs have lots of nothing riffs, so much so that the only one that’s good from start-to-finish is “Black Sunshine.” I know I’m supposed to mention that Iggy Pop is on “Black Sunshine” and that it has a wicked bass intro.

I also didn’t say a word about the album’s hit single “Thunderkiss ’65” but I see no point as it doesn’t differ at all from the other songs other than it’s shorter.

Supersexy Swingin’ Sounds – Geffen – 1996 I remember when soundtrack.

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