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) a bet was formed that I couldn’t get ‘lots of women’ on a dive trip.

As the bet matured ‘lots’ was defined as ‘half’ and ‘half” was defined as ‘ten’ and so the quest was on.

The trip was deemed a success…I had won the bet hands down and I returned to ‘business as usual’ when the fabulous week was over or so I thought.

However the next week or so changed my life forever.

In fact my Red Sea trip May 29th to June 12th, 2010 has 14 women and only 2 men!

So how did I get the name “Queen of Singles” you ask?

In those three years when I traveled to exotic diving locales I also struggled with expensive supplements or rooming with a guy I didn’t know if I wanted to avoid them, traveling alone which got old or having my dive buddies plans change at the last minute leaving me to either cancel as well or travel by myself.

Then when I got to the boat or resort I would end up with ‘the leftover’ dive buddy or the one no one wanted many of whom were insta-buddies from hell. And there was…group travel where everybody was essentially in the same boat…they needed a buddy or a roomie.

By the end of the week the numbers had swelled to well over 40 people and very few restaurants could seat us all.

I received well over a hundred calls and emails from people who had met us in Cozumel or who were friends of people who had met us in Cozumel and had heard we ran ‘Single’s Trips’.

They wanted to know our website and when our next trip was.

During that time we did numerous dives to these watery gravesites and most of the divers drawn to this diving were either single or married but buddyless (the spouse did not dive) and they were guys! I laughed and said it just wasn’t a ‘chick magnet’ destination but if we did a trip to say Cozumel…well that would be a different story.

Somewhere in the middle of copious amounts of alcohol, too much testosterone (some of it mine LOL!

The founder of Single, Kamala is a seasoned Divemater who is also trained in technical diving.

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