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Little did Schwinn know then that they were introducing what would become a wildly popular bike that would sell like wildfire. The Schwinn Sting-ray became Schwinns best selling bikes alost overnight. Chicago, Illinois 60639 January, 1964 See the full 1964 Schwinn catalog. The bike design that became an overnight sensation across America. Schwinn quality features FRAME Schwinn cantilever frame...sturdy...compact...extra strong. This 5-speed lightweight version of the Sting-Ray, combines the speed of a lightweight with the meaneuverability of the Sting-Ray then adds 5-speed derailleur gears and a fast-acting Stik-Shift to achieve a wonderful new thrill in bike riding. Patented stik-shift and handbrakes on 3-speed model. It has won the praise and captured the imagination of youngster of all ages across the U. This design gives the rider an exciting combintaion of features for quick maneuvers, fast starts and short radius turns. SADDLES Silver Glow saddle..truss rods...streamlined design for easier pedaling action. TIRES Silk black rear as used on racing cars, more road surface than any othre tire...standard middleweight front tire. For distance runs, for short hops, or for fun riding, the Schwinn Fastback is simply great! The original Sting-Ray the bike that set the style. The bike that changed a generation's cycling habits. At first glance, the low slung design with the smaller wheels, higher handlebars, and raised seat may have seemed strange, and yet it is America's most copied style of bicycle. Few bikes have ever won such wide acceptance and gained such immediate popularity as the one and only Schwinn Sting-Ray- with its exclusive Schwinn cantilever frame, Schwinn Sting-Ray saddle, Sting-Ray handlebars, chainguard and coaster brake.

This page provides year by year images and information quoted from Schwinn catalogs.

Big number plate mounted on a low sleek BMX handlebar. Full length chainguard, built-in kickstand, black BMX style saddle and sportly mini mudguards. Colors: Black frame with Golden Yellow trim See the full 1980 Schwinn catalog. The distinctive Sting-Ray seat and handlebar- invented and introduced by Schwinn.

Schwinn exclusive cantilever frame, Schwinn Sting-Ray saddle, Sting-Ray handlebars, chainguard and coaster brake. Here's bold BMX inspired bike that is exciting to ride.

RIMS Schwinn tubular rims...absorbent...wear-resistant. And now for 1967, there is a brand new one - the Ram's Horn - with the same thrilling performance and sportly new styling. Bucket style Sting-Ray saddle, chrome brace rods, Schwinn tubular rims, 20" x 1 3/4" front tire.

The original Sting-Ray introduced first by Schwinn in 1963. Bucket style saddle, MAG design sprocket, 20" x 2.125" Sting-Ray studded tire.

Its dramatically different design was new fresh and modeled after the way many kids were refiting and customizing their own bikes in southern California. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. In 1965 the Schwinn Sting-ray was already their most popular bike. Now with black SLIK rear tire, Sting-ray saddle with truss, Sting-ray handlebars, Schwinn tubular rims.

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