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Beyond especially her female siblings, Sarah is given unique perspectives on the whole issue of dating and commitment by her father, Bill, who is exploring dating after losing who was the love of his life in Sarah's mother...

Jake commented that nobody would remake Doctor Zhivago, yet it had already been remade as Доктор Живаго.

During her time at Current, Sarah also taught herself to use Final Cut Pro to edit her own videos, which not only allowed her to fully realize her all-in-one-production-machine potential, but also helped her realize that editors are basically magicians who deserve a lot more credit than they get from clueless producers (she should know, having been clueless for many years).Follow @sarahlane One of Sarah’s first jobs was segment producing in San Jose, CA, for a TV show called New Media News.In those years the first internet bubble had not yet burst, and she spent a large chunk of her time interviewing 25-year old CEOs about their Next Big Things. Anyway, after a couple of years, Sarah moved into an on-camera position, which gave her the ability to share her many things geeky with a very large audience while wearing lipstick and eyeshadow. I’m the Vice President of Original Content for Comic-Con HQ at Lionsgate Entertainment. I’m also a photographer, traveler, socialite, loner, internet addict, and catwoman.I’ve been blogging here since 2003, but not very regularly.

You don't need to waste a lot of time there, either.

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