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Bosnich confirmed to The couple met last year after he returned home to Australia after a long stint in the UK.At the time, he said: "It's early days but I can't remember the last time I've been this happy."Bosnich was caught up in drugs, violence and sex tape scandals during his past relationship with model Sophie Anderton.My tummy and flanks – or rather love handles – had become decidedly wobbly.In January I was chatting to a girlfriend and complaining about my body when she told me about a new procedure she’d read about.Just before the operation I felt terrified but thankfully my sister was there to hold my hand before I went to theatre.

My middle-age spread has been sucked out and thrown away – and good riddance to it.

He has been married twice previously, to first wife Lisa Hall for two years and then to Sarah Harrett for 14 months.

She lives in Newcastle with her 13-year-old son Jack When I was younger my breasts were a pert 34A and although I never had a hang-up about them being small I often wished they were bigger.

Clothes somehow always looked better on women with bigger boobs.

When I was pregnant with Jack my breasts became bigger, which I loved, but I was unable to breast-feed him so they returned to their original size within a couple of weeks.

I was disappointed but it was only when I reached 40 that my breasts started bothering me again.

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