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Gianni has had a busy year recording with his band, maintaining a strong online and festival presence, and has also been working on a new project with Sarah Blackwood of The Creepshow fame.

The du O have racked up hundreds of thousands of views on their Youtube videos, including an Adele cover with over 300,000 views, and are set to release their first full record in the new year entitled .

Thanks so much for taking the time to catch up with us here at Music Vice.

You two recently recorded a cover of the Pogues classic ‘Christmas in New York’. Gianni: Yes The Pogues song we did was actually shot in New York City. But back to Sarah and you; where are you usually based?

My nephew Myles scored the lead roll in the Broadway Musical Wow that’s awesome about your nephew, you must be really proud of him! And could you just briefly explain, how this duo came together?

So other than writing and recording the new WOTE album there hasn’t been much time for me to work on videos with him.

This leaves me time to work on stuff with Sarah in the Walk Off The Earth downtime.

I’ve been enjoying checking out your Youtube channel… A lot of the videos are very tongue in cheek, colourful and fun.

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