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This film, however, doesn't use the formula as a crutch.Technically proficient, generally well-written, and finely acted, My Big Love is a pretty good time in the cinema.The premise of the film has uncovered the contrivance I wanted to discuss further.They have integrated a device which has been used by Greek and Roman drama called dues ex machina.We really need to move away from using old romantic standards as a musical score. She goes pretty broad in this role, but it's in the silent moments that she really reveals her talents. The supporting cast all do a pretty good job of filling in everything in between.

Of course a double usage might not be harmful and the film has gotten hold of it in the presence of Doctor Duke (Benji Paras).

As stated earlier, there are a couple of goofy sequences in the film that kind of feel out of place, but otherwise, this film is solidly made. Though his dialogue is often muffled by his accent, he knows how to get the emotion through.

It's worth mentioning that the score can be distracting at times. Toni Gonzaga has always been somewhat of a joy to watch.

My Big Love isn't a revelatory film by any means.

It still sticks pretty close to the very basic formula that the studios have been using for the past few years.

Obviously, the premise has something to do with the unexplained curse, which they have lethargically narrated in a very pseudo-comical way.

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