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Melinda: The season eight cast isn't necessarily as close with the seasons one to five casts because we never really got to know them as well.I remember when the new kids in the season nine cast got there, we were asked to make sure they got around alright and to make sure they were comfortable and welcome.He is close friends with former co-stars Luke Bilyk and Alicia Josipovic.He has confirmed that he is in fact not dating former co-star Chloe Rose and that they are only co-stars and close friends.The Degrassi season 10 finale saw the characters kick off spring break with the ‘Spring Fling Semi-Formal.’ Clare and Eli call it quits after Eli’s dramatic plea for Clare’s heart; Fiona confesses her love for Holly J and the girls find resolve in their unbreakable friendship; meanwhile, Jenna finally gives birth to baby Tyson!Now with school out for spring break, and the year’s final semester around the corner—the drama has only just begun.There's the whole Sav [Alli's brother] and Anya thing where Sav and Alli's parents like Anya as a person, but in the end they know he won't marry her because he's not of the same background. I would really love to see where he's coming from and get in to that background, maybe meet one of his parents.

There wasn't even a reason for the group; I guess people just didn't like her, and even if they were friends with her, they still joined the group. There were no scandalous pictures of her, no one made death threats, but it was still bad enough that it won't be a fun story for the girl to tell her kids or anything.When we have our hang outs and birthday parties and events, we all hang out and get to mingle and really get to know each other.I think we're all so close that it's hard to just pick one or two people we're close to. Sam: I remember coming out of the first day and being wowed and lost and overwhelmed that when I saw the newer kids coming this year, I could totally relate. J-14: Who's your favorite cast member from before you were on Degrassi? It's funny because when I first read the script, I was kind of the Manny, Version 2.0!When classes resume at Degrassi, another dramatic, angst-fuelled semester ensues with your favourite characters, plus exciting new faces—which bring forbidden love triangles and thought-provoking revelations.Clare sets her sights on new student Jake and their relationship goes through some unexpected twists and turns; K. and Jenna struggle to survive teenage parenthood; Drew is determined to save Bianca from gang life; meanwhile, Holly J faces her own mortality as she continues her fight back to health.

But don't you think it'd be crazy if the dad found Johnny and Alli together?

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