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Oh, but I hate cooking and cleaning…my husband will do that too.” Andrew assured me that girl wouldn’t be getting a second date. In a recent survey of 200 daters, 30% of the respondents indicated that telling someone you want to be financially supported is the number one turn-off. When I asked her what her goals for the future were, she said that she wanted to work part-time at Forever 21 and get off Mom and Dad’s payroll.” Needless to say, Robert won’t be going out with that girl again.

Instead, she might have complimented him and said something like, “I think a man who cooks is cool, and I’ll be your sous chef any day.” Bingo! Bottom line, any discussion about money; making, taking, or counting, is a taboo first date topic. Matchmaking and dating expert, Stefanie Safran from “Stef and the City,” shared one of her female clients stories from one of her dates, worst dates.

Implied second date, without asking for the date, and a guaranteed great meal to boot. She said, “The guy told me this woman stated, ‘Well that’s better than my last first date, she told me she couldn’t drink because she was on IVF medication because she was trying to get pregnant.'” Is this good or bad?

At least the woman was honest about her intentions in wanting to get pregnant.

Finally, 39-year-old Joel shared, “I asked a hostess from one of my favorite restaurants out.

On the date, she went to the ladies and thought it a good idea to text me from the stall that she missed me.

That necessarily wouldn’t have been a deal breaker statement on its own, but she followed it up later in the date by telling me that I was “exactly, 100% her type”. That woman is just setting herself up for bad karma! Zach, a 24-year-old dater went out with a clever lady who told him, “I don’t really like reading.” He told me his immediate next thought was, “What?

She pondered aloud, “What do you think our kids’ names would be?Just give him the chance, and the majority of the time he will shine. If he says “Yes, I’m going with Jane,” your response should be “Jane’s great! If he says he doesn’t have a date, ask him if he would like to go with you. Twenty-two year old Andrew, a cooking instructor and dating coach at, recently heard this line on a first date, “I don’t work.Working is a man’s job — I’m old fashioned that way, I want to be like a 50s housewife, you know?

Craig Donaldson, president and founder of Model Quality Introductions suggests that instead this woman could have communicated a similar thought with this kind of statement, “I only take someone home to meet my parents if I really like them. ” DL Llewellyn, 64, was sitting outside on a stream edged deck of a restaurant, shaded by willows with soft music in the background when without warning he was sucker punched by this first date faux pas, “What kind of abuser are you?

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    They are also the building blocks of communities, societies and, ultimately, civilizations. Though the Bible gives no specific age when dating is appropriate, wise parents will teach their maturing children sound biblical principles that will help them follow God’s standards of behavior.

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