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bar je uvek do sada lako nalazio – za sada neću- čekamo neko društvo – da se vrate iz grada XXXXX pa sta ce da radite kada se vrate YYYYY ne znam- zezati se XXXX da li mu ga varas sada YYYY kako varam? ma mi smo drugovi- diramo se povremeno- sada ne, kucamo sa tobom, ako ne računaš da mu je ruka pola u meni – kasnije ćemo se dirati- baš XXXX sta ti radi on sada, drka ti YYYY drka mi pickicu rukom, guzu kurcem – i strašno je miran još uvek- rekoh ti- čekamo društvo xxxx jebacete se svi na kup YYYY kako budemo raspoloženi, ustvari kako ko bude… nas nekoliko se baš dobro znamo XXXX koje si godiste gde zivis… ali tu sam XXXX sta bi za broj YYYY imaš li kameru? neće još- razvalae me prvo dobro, jedan mi je u guzi- sedi na stolici ja na njemu, zavaljena – drugi mi je ušao u ribicu i nekako uspevam da kucam jednom rukom…

bas si me napalila YYYY 1978 u beogradu- sama živim, ako se to može nazvati sama- jer ne mogu narod izbaciti iz stna vidi sada se ljuti što tako pišem XXXX volis da pusis kurac YYYYYY da- baš volim- veliki debeo, obrijan, čist… XXXX nemam a ti daj br da te pozovem gde te kara ajde pisi YYYY jebem se …

Dr Josep Mallolas of Hospital Clinic Barcelona told el Periodico : “There is everything: sex roulette parties, or sex parties you can only attend if you already have HIV.” He added that some of the events are known as ‘blue’ parties because attendees take anti-viral drugs to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus.

Last year, a Serbian stripper called Tijana claimed the parties originated in Serbia – and were named Serbian sex roulette, after Russian roulette, Metro reported.

There is no credible evidence that such an event has ever occurred, much less is “on the rise.” The claim of HIV-infecting sex parties sweeping the globe is based on vague statements purportedly made by a single physician in Spain, and none of the published articles carried firsthand reports.

The story centers on a bizarre sub-subcultural phenomenon known as “bug chasing.” A few HIV-negative gay men, for all sorts of deep and dark psychological reasons, appear actually to be seeking out HIV infection.“MAG: 25% OF NEW HIV-INFECTED GAY MEN SOUGHT OUT VIRUS, SAYS SAN FRAN HEALTH OFFICIAL.” Drudge was referring to a four-page story by one Gregory A.Freeman, in Rolling Stone magazine, owned by gay media mogul Jann Wenner.And of course, do not forget that the main thing - is to maintain a good mood, it is always nice to start dating a man who has a smile on his face. Since the chatroulette communicates a lot of people, it is very common to see a stranger who shows any singer or celebrity.

In early May 2016, a number of tabloids around the world published stories about a “new” trend called sex roulette, in which people gather for unprotected sex with at least one member is secretly HIV-positive.

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