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Ben and I appreciate good meals and great wine, and we love to look through the WILSON: If you could speak to yourself when you were younger, what would you say? WILSON: Do you and your daughter, Dylan, have similar taste in clothes? I was at her house a couple of weeks ago and I was like, "There's that sweater! Dylan is so bright and has an amazing ability to write. WILSON: I wish I could have said no to a bunch of stuff when I was young, but I was always like, How am I going to make the rent check? But I think the women's movement has really helped our daughters have a completely different take on what they can do. Yes, they're kids, and they're flaky in plenty of ways, but I see a difference.

WRIGHT: I don't even know how to put it into words. But an older woman with a younger man—it's almost judged the way different religions judge doctrines of other religions. [ you really get to prepare and be a collaborative member of a team and improve with every scene. I always get offered the role of wounded, soulful, understanding mother and wife. But my wardrobe changed dramatically when I cut my hair a couple of years ago. Now that her career is more exciting than ever, fans want to know: Who is Robin Wright dating? But some reports suggest she may have romance on the horizon.When it comes to her love life, Wright has had a complicated road. And then as a parent you have to be like, "No, you've still got to get a job! She understands the arc of a story, and I think she will get into writing, directing, producing, whatever. WILSON: They know exactly what they will and will not do.

Rumors are swirling about “House of Cards” star Robin Wright’s love life!

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