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She has worked in various research centres in Germany, France and the United Kingdom.Her main interest is related to the transmission of religious literature in early and mediaeval Islam, and the issues of how religious texts were used and what impact this use had on their forms and contents.The texts belong to various categories: A Lex Sacra, a report on the financing of the mysteries of Artemis, a hymn, a number of oracles, boundary stones, honorific, building and funerary inscriptions, and, above all, dedications, amongst which a good number of “confession inscriptions” (with the so far only one written in verses).

Detailed indices will be welcomed by the reader wishing to get an overview of the rich material. Vergessen Sie nicht das Login am Server, wenn Sie auf Kapitel zugreifen wollen, die nicht allgemein zugänglich sind.Given this broad mandate, we seek proposals from all areas of the discipline that will bring to an English-speaking audience texts of major importance to the world’s religious traditions, monographs that open up specific texts to wider audiences, and new translations of classic works of secondary scholarship that are perennially relevant to the understanding of religious phenomena, values, ideas, and practices.The round table brings together five scholars* of the (also Koran.Links to these documents will only be visible after logon.The Religion in Translation Series (formerly known as the Texts and Translations Series) seeks to make available to research scholars and classroom teachers alike significant primary texts in English translation, important secondary scholarship on religious texts, and reprints of major theoretical works in the field of religious studies.

The suwar (chapters) fall under two categories, the Meccan in reference to those revealed while the Prophet was in Mecca, and the Medinan in reference to those revealed while he was in Medina.

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