Recovering addict dating sites

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In general, relationships in the first year are a bad idea.

The tendency to allow others to be a solution to our problems is common and dangerous. the chance of staying clean in your first year and the chance of any given relationship working), you get a much much lower probability of success.

Now, I obeyed the rule and perhaps that’s why I have over 4 years clean and can’t speak from any negative experiences on this matter.

I will say that it takes quite some time to develop a healthy relationship with yourself and there is no doubt that you aren’t any good for anyone else until you are at least good for yourself. Yes, that’s what I said, in early recovery you are a liability and you are most likely a mess and very immature emotionally (yes, regardless of how accomplished, intelligent, driven, or capable you might be).

” I wouldn’t typically reference the program of alcoholics anonymous whilst trying to articulate a valid point but it seems pretty natural seeing how that’s all that you could regurgitate in your reply! Nothing wrong with taking suggestions and following rules, definitely something wrong with not being able to produce any thought or emotion without using AA Big book as the true spoken gospel!

When you get sober, you’re given a new lease on life and it is too often just used as a prison sentence!

Nobody else on the planet has this type of site yet. To close, expanding interactions with the most possible people that have similar goals in mind is a great ingredient for success in recovery.

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