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It’s in a religious setting—church, Bible study, dating website, ministry employer, etc.—so everything seems safe. When your identity is built on a charade of like a big-shot Christian, repentance—with its admission that you are, in fact, not—threatens the entire façade. It’s a bad situation, and sadly common, but generally preventable if you ask your most recent crush one simple question: When was the last time, prompted by what you read in the Bible, that you repented of sin and changed your behavior? Tweak the wording how you like, but that’s the question in a nutshell. Repentance, then, will always have observable effects of accrued obedience.And if the water switches directions—which it does for the Fringe, every time they’re not in a church or Christian setting—there they go.Thus repentance does not accumulate because it’s never really occurred to them to do it, except in times of great trauma or religious fervor. I suspect you never want to have that coffee-shop conversation with your friend. If so, be sure to ask our one simple question, and pay careful attention to their words and life for the answer.They’ll go to church, own a Bible, attend a small group. They’re not actively putting up a front like the Fake. Nice, well-meaning—but their faith doesn’t go deeper than that.They might be floating with the current, but they’re not swimming.

Not all single women, for example, want to be married and/or give birth to children.Maybe we even know someone for whom the story is true. Add enough charisma to the recipe and it might seem like God cooked up the ultimate catch, just for you.Nice Single Christian meets Super-Duper Other Christian. But the Fake will have no real accumulation of real repentance. Not only will they have never truly repented of something, but the idea itself will also be foreign. One’s life as a whole is impossible to invent in a moment because it itself is not manufactured in a moment, but by the sum of many moments.Your typical Fringe, meanwhile, understands the idea of repentance but has never had much appetite for it.

Not all single women feel insecure about being single.

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