Putin consolidating power spiritueel dating

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Only four parties qualified for seats in the party-list half of the Duma in elections in December -- United Russia, the Communists and two nationalist parties allied with the Kremlin, Motherland and the Liberal Democratic Party.

The mistake is a threat to the future of the Russian state." But most of the political establishment either supported or acquiesced to the Putin plan.

"Those who inspire, organize and carry out terrorist acts seek to bring about a disintegration of the country, to break up the state, to ruin Russia."His plans must go through parliament, but the Kremlin controls more than two-thirds of the legislature directly and two other political parties quickly endorsed the ideas.

Even the governors, who could lose their jobs, surrendered, either welcoming the plans or remaining silent.

Putin also acknowledged that his government had not done enough to tackle the economic roots of terrorism.

"In the fight against manifestations of terror we have practically failed to achieve visible results," he said.

Mitrokhin and others decried what they saw as the exploitation of the deaths of 328 children and adults in the southern town of Beslan to justify a power grab.

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