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As tempting as the hope of taking a short break from your partner and board diving into a bed full of beautiful men and women can seem, it’s not an acceptable proposition for most lovers. But if you ever have to step out of a good relationship, try to be sure of what your heart wants.

The relationship may work out at times, but in most cases, it would be too emotionally disturbing for your partner who may prefer walking out of your life than waiting to clean your sexual fluids when you get back home. You really can’t come crawling back to your old lover and beg for forgiveness. While flirty interaction with the opposite sex is one of the biggest reasons for wanting to be single, it’s not good enough a reason.

[Read: How to flirt by touching] I don’t know what life holds for me or my love karma *gasp*, but I’m happy now and that’s all I can think of. All of us get a fleeting thought now and then and wonder if we’d be better off single or in a relationship.

And if you’re in a relationship and you’re wondering if you can take a break for a few months and get back again, well, forget about it.

Yeah, it sounds bitchy and mean, but you know, the heart wants what the heart wants. If I have to give any credit to science, humans have evolved to mate and procreate, not settle down with one person and live the rest of your life wondering ‘what if…’ I ended my relationship with my shocked boyfriend citing “it’s not you, it’s me…” and a few million other reasons including the awkward one, I want to be single again. [Read: How to end a relationship the right way] Perhaps I was having my own quarter life crisis.

I wanted to experience being single, because I really had never been single all through my teenage years and adult life. But then again, I wondered if I wanted to be single because I didn’t have any flirty fun with other men, or was it because I was stuck in a relationship that just wasn’t progressing and evolving. A few months have passed ever since my metamorphosis into the single life, and ungracefully, I have to admit that I’m having the best time of my life.

[Read: Cheating in a relationship] You may wonder what made me walk out of a perfect relationship for no apparent reason.

Well, I couldn’t see my boyfriend at the top of my ladder anymore.

This is what Sovereign Grace Ministries started promoting early in their church history (1978). My girlfriends envied me because I always got the nicest guys.We’ve been living together for the last five years, and I couldn’t ask for more. I was at a good friend’s wedding recently with my girlfriends, and I remember looking up at the bride and groom. I sat back, enjoying the balmy breeze under the open sky and tried to imagine my boyfriend and me at the altar.You can introduce yourself to a hundred new man packages or breasts, but they’re all going to start looking pretty similar after a while.It’s what’s inside that’s going to matter eventually.

But you ought to know this though, the whole world is searching for love.

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