Prisoners have email addresses for dating

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Books, magazines, and newspapers must be received from a publisher/distributor.

All other items, such as games or food, are prohibited.

If mail rules are not followed, the mail will be returned to you. As of November 2012, friends and families will have access to electronic messages through a third party vendor.

The cost per message is less than the cost of a postage stamp.

Letters, cards and/or pictures cannot be accepted and will be discarded.

The Oregon State Police maintains a registry of sex offenders.

For further information please go to visiting inmates in prison.

Example: Payable to: DOC for John Doe, SID #1234567.Electronic messages will also be subject to content restrictions spelled out in the Mail Rule.The only items inmates may receive directly from friends or family are photos and letters.The Oregon Offender Search (OOS) is a free public Web site that provides access to information on offenders in Oregon DOC custody.The Web site only displays information that is public in nature. In addition, limited offender information (including state prison and community corrections information) is available through the Oregon VINE service on the Internet at .

Each inmate has a visiting list and it is he/she who takes the first step in putting someone on the list.

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