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My favorite programming language is Java, but I m also experienced in other languages.I focus on design and architecture of java enterprise applications with spring, hibernate or jee.The key of the query cache contains the query string itself and any bind parameters passed with the query.

Over the last few months we’ve had a whole bunch of people doing a whole bunch of Hibernate performance tuning.If query caching is on, there is exactly one timestamp cache and it is utilized by all query cache instances.Any time the query cache is checked for a query, the timestamp cache is checked for all tables in the query.The query and timestamp caches are related and the subject of our focus here.The query cache is used to store the result set of a query made against the database.

Sometime you might only want to execute a native query to only change the connections properties, e.g. Hibernate can’t know what you are doing and therefore it can’t know what caches need to be invalidated.

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