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Fetlife has an option where you can be polyamorous and add all your relationships, whether they are kink related or not.I was skeptical, but apparently a good number if people have had luck with actually meeting people to date and not just bang through Tinder.

Be forewarned, some of the large polyamory Facebook groups can be couple-centric, misogynistic, and even violent in their recommendations for how to deal with people.The name writes itself - Quick is the place where singles mingle together, chat and build up some flirty connections in one click. Fill out a short registration form and there you are!Browse multiple profiles or set your filters and find singles who are eagerly looking for the same things as you are. Feel like chatting with somebody but none of your friends is online?It is a little more difficult if you are in the closet to know who else is polyamorous, but it can happen anyway.There are a lot of Facebook groups about polyamory out there.

Tinder doesn’t make it too easy to tell if someone is polyamorous, but if you are willing to do some sorting or deal with poly newbies it may be worth it.

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