Pigeon john is dating your sister album the difficulty of two celebrities dating each other

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A talented yet sensitive character who shows the slightest hint of an island accent, making him sound both extra musical and extra accessible.

Even PJ's vocal delivery makes him sound like the sort of buddy you could have long talks with over a beer.

Cons: 2 things-#1 is PJ uses the same subject matter on a couple of songs.

Girls, the mall, and getting digits are subjects that are re-occurring on this album.

DJ Rhettmatic of the Beat Junkies offers up the two strongest beats on the album, with PJ himself producing a majority of the remainder.

-- Jointz Magazine I really love Pigeon John after hearing him featured on several other cds (DJ Maj's "Fullplates Mixtape", .rodlaver's "Trying Not to Try" etc.) and I love his unique almost whiny voice rap.Granted, it's MUCH better than a 50 cent, or Jay-Z, but I would have a few calls if parents found out I recommended an album with “piss”, or phrases like “where the hell is my crew? I think the album is a classic, just not a classic I can recommend to my church youth. Release Date: August 26, 2003 Label: Basement Records Buy on i Tunes Tracklisting 1. But unfortunately I didn't care for the beats so much on this album, not very original, almost mainstream-sounding.Also too many hooks, and too much sing-song verses. But his lyrics are clever and his hip-hop style unique.

A rapper's style icon can say much about his performance and this L. Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister CD music contains a single disc with 15 songs.

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