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The Code will protect a person who is the victim of discrimination because another thinks that the person has a disability.

(This information is provided as a public service by the Ontario Human Rights Commission.) There are many kinds of disabilities, including physical, sensory, hearing, mental health, developmental and learning. Did you know that just over 13.5% of Ontarians have a disability?

These disabilities can mildly or profoundly limit one's ability to learn.

Treat people with disabilities with the same respect and consideration you have for everyone else. Each of us has a different way of doing things and there are some things we can't do without some help from people, or from machines and products that are easy to use.

People who have hearing loss may be deaf or hard of hearing.

You may not be able to know that someone has one of these disabilities unless you are told, or you notice the way people act, ask questions or body language. People with mental health disabilities look like anyone else.

You won't know that your customer has a mental health disability unless you're informed of it.

The Code protects people from the unequal effects of discrimination.

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