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Needless to say, he expects absolute fidelity from a partner too, so Capricorn man compatibility flounders with the more flirtatious signs.He takes his duty to his family very seriously, and will be an outstandingly good provider.Discussion becomes debate, debate becomes argument, and argument becomes hostility.If the opponent is also an alpha, the result is war, even at the expense of mutual interests.Once one person shifts, you'll quickly see others move in the same direction. As superheroes in their own minds, alpha males want to appear confident and strong, even invincible.They fear that if they don't come across as titans their credibility will be undermined and opponents will pounce like sharks that smell blood.The Capricorn man is a serious and sober package, underneath which lurks a surprisingly sexy alpha male.

Capricorn man compatibility works best with a sensual, easy going woman who will take the time to let his true nature unfold.Although he may come across as rather formal and aloof when you first meet, the Capricorn man will warm up considerably as you get to know him.When he feels safe enough to let his guard down, he will show himself to be surprisingly sensitive, and a very good listener.In love, the typical Capricorn man is very persistent and tenacious.If he really likes you, he won’t give up until you agree to a date.

The victim defends himself or herself either passively, with nervous explanations and timid justifications, or aggressively, by counterattacking or shifting the blame. Because they think they have all the answers, alpha males have a strong drive to explain, justify and convince.

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