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Maybe she intimidates or isn't relate-able enough to the average viewer or the teenaged girl contingent.Also, and this is strictly personal opinion, while I really enjoy her partnership with Paul, I don't think it does her any favors.(I love her and don't personally think she's like that, but I can see how others might)Hayley gives off dorky clumsy girl who got hot after high school.Makenzie gives off the beautiful, goofy, talented, kind-so-you-cant-hate-her girl who dated the guy you were in love with, modeled after HS, and will sail through life.

Makenzie hasn't had a bad performance yet IMO and her being paired with Paul, who is clearly good looking and popular with the ladies and the no couple voting is probably why she's landing in the Bottom every week. She's a beautiful girl who appears and sometimes acts older than her age, she has movie star looks, and pretty much all of her roles so far have been either seductress or glamorous ones.

Im on a healer marathon at the moment and boy gotta say ji chang wook is bae hehehe.

The world is waiting for me im a 26-year-old very good boy, who is seeking a blonde hetero girl.

I don't think anyone hates her, maybe she's not connecting with a lot of the fanbase, or maybe they like some of the other girls more than her, who knows?

There could be a lot of reasons, but no one knows for sure. Mariah was my favourite but even she couldn't held up against that solo.

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