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Comparing it to a Greek tragedy, Scott describes it as wild, brutal and volatile.

His character retreats into his shell, afraid that if he broaches the subject of infidelity with his wife their marriage will collapse. Her and Malcolm get along great, so I'm not going to question it.For the first time he appeared in 1987 in Five Corners as the role of policeman.One after another he has appeared The Sheltering Sky, The Kennedys of Massachusetts, Longtime Companion and many more."As he's the son of the actors George C Scott and Colleen Dewhurst, there's no doubt that the urge to perform is "in his DNA", as Rudolph adds - although for many, Scott's finest achievement of the 1990s was co-directing the comedy Big Night.It's only now that the 44-year-old is emerging from the shadows of his Hollywood heritage - notably his father, star of Patton and Dr Strangelove.

In 1994's Mrs, Parker and the vicious Circle for which he gained an independent spirit award nomination.

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