Passport 8500 updating

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A color LCD sounds nice in theory, but the simple blue display I have now is quick and easy to read and doesn't get in the way or distract.

4) Similarly, how do the alert tones feel compared to current/previous generation?

Among the more useful menu items was a trio of city modes.

City reduced sensitivity to combat urban false alarms.

i saw a vid (xi vs RL) where u could count 5-6 seconds between the RL and the xi and moving toward the target with the RL ramping up to almost full blast before the xi alerted the cort in belcort has been exposed...

The Max will show you 4 KA if there are 4 KA signals present. I have the same high mount and with the max I will have to figure out how to craft a new mount to use up high.

It prioritizes all the alerts and shows you the 4 biggest threats. It isn't as bright as the other displays you are used to, but having all the information (signal strength, band, frequency etc.) shown on the crisp display is awesome and worth the trade-off imo. It is a little difficult to release from the mount depending on the slope of your windshield.

I'm still a little on the fence about the max - I really like my X50 but I'm looking for a performance upgrade, preferably with GPS - so I'm considering the 9500ix as well since it looks/feels more like my X50.

I've followed all the talk comparing max to RL, but how is it compared to the 9500? I'm mostly a city driver.1) If you aren't using live, you can set a speed on the Max that shows in this box.

I'm planning to also turn off speed display since I'd rather see voltage than speed.

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