Parents beat daughter for dating black guy in uk

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But last night Danny's furious fiancé Joanne Mas told me in an exclusive interview: "Mark called him a c*** and was egging on his bunch of idiot friends all day.

"There were five guys against one and Danny still went for them, but the most f**king disgusting thing is it was all in front of my 20-year-old daughter.

The dramatic backstage beat-up all took place in front of Danny's sobbing 20-year-old daughter while the actor hard man - celebrating his stag do - was wearing a Phantom of the Opera mask.

Mark later called the hard man a "c***" but sources close to Michelle Keegan's husband insist he was not involved in any physical violence and tried to stop his friends from causing further injury to Danny.

"They're a bunch of talentless Essex t****." And an onlooker revealed: "It was complete carnage - Mark's gang of friends just went for Danny who was fighting back.

But things went from bad to worse as they clashed once again and Kirk had to be restrained after squaring up to one of Mark's friends."He then saw Danny later and went over to him and said no need for any of that with my mates and shook Danny's hand." Tensions continued for the rest of the night, with drunk Mark even being confronted by Jo.A festival source said: "Danny went back to his tent afterwards but Mark was ranting about the incident all night, even having another confrontation with Jo."He had to protect himself in a ball at one point because Mark's mates were booting him on the ground."One of Danny's friends were trying to pull them off him. "Other people nearby were all pushed aside as security barged through, it was intense and people looked frightened.

"Danny left the area after security had a word." Last night a source close to Mark insisted that Danny was to blame after trying to rile his friends.

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