Parent and teacher dating

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It is obvious you are aware of the potential problems and your sons well being is your priority - and because of that I'm sure you will manage the relationship with dignity, respect, discretion and maturity...the way that is best for your son - and yourselves....You sound sensible, caring, perceptive and intelligent enough - I have no doubt you will...If anything it seemed that teachers were harder on their own kids than on other people's, setting higher standards etc As for other students ribbing him, it might be possible but believe it or not the other students have more important things to think about other than the sex life of their teachers.Stuff like dates, parties, who can they copy their homework from, when they can go for a smoke break, when is lunch, you know all the important stuff.What happens if you son is the only one or one of a few to do very well on a test or exam. This guy is probably smart enough to know that he shouldn't care what people think.They will always the the suspicion that the teacher either helped him, or that your son took advantage of your relationship and maybe even stole a copy of it in advance. But he's chosen a path in life and you have to respect if he's determined that your relationship could stand in the way of something he wants in life ie. I bet it would work out if he was confident he wouldn't be put in the position of losing his job for a relationship that could, who knows, end in six months.they still attended the if this guy is going to be your son's teacher...THIS IS A HUGE NO NOI mean, this is just the start, of your 'relationship'if this is happeneing,it needs to be made apparent to your "potentials' superiors, to avoid awkward situations later on.

Ultimately there is nothing morally or ethically wrong - but as with most things its the individual circumstances that matter - not a matter of IF you should have a relationship - but how you conduct yourselves during it.You can wait till he's done 'teaching' your boy and then start, but anythign romantic and stuff before then to me is unethical The ethical dilema is quite staggering.He wouldn't be able to correct your son's work, for fear of the grade being biased.In different subjects and for other teachers that are NOT dating mom.A childs marks are based on his knowledge of material given/taught, he can't go from crappy grades to the honor roll without other teachers noticing the change.

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