Outlook 2016 shared calendar not always updating Free sexy chat only typing

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First ask yourself if you really need to sync Google and Outlook calendars.

If you're using a PC or laptop with the Outlook application in Windows, it could be time to ditch it and move to the online version, Outlook.com, which supports multiple calendars.

Again, if you're seeing the redesigned 2018 version of Google Calendar in your browser, then click the three dots to the right of one of your calendars, then Settings and sharing. Alternatively, click the button next to 'Add a colleague's calendar'.

If you use the Calendar section of Outlook.com, you can't export, but you can import.

There are several other advantages of using an online email / calendar service: you can log on from any computer with an internet connection, and you don't have any syncing issues as everything is stored online.

Using two calendars services from two different companies can lead to problems and it's worth considering using only one, if at all possible.

This is the only complication, as it's all too easy to add an event to the wrong calendar. To export events from Google Calendar you'll need to use the web version on a PC or Mac. Google recently updated the design, so if you're using the new version, click the three dots to the right of one of your calendars, then click Settings and sharing.

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