Orthodox christian rules for dating my teenage daughter

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The couple stands facing the Priest and the Royal Door of the Holy Altar; the Groom on the right; the Bride on the left. The Betrothal Service with the official Blessing of the Rings, and 2.

The most beautiful and significant symbolism of the crown is expressed in the words of the priest before placing them on couple.Making the sign of the Cross on the Groom”s forehead, he exclaims: (three times).These words indicate that the great crown in marriage, your great glory is the one you have chosen to join to for the rest of your life. The Common Cup That Jesus chose a wedding to enact his first miracle is the most profound indication of the dignity attributed to the union of man and woman by God.The Priest offers the cup, firstly to the Groom then to the Bride.The Dance of Isaiah The procession, a symbolic dance for the joy of God’s presence, is conducted in a circular fashion with the Holy Gospel in the hands of the priest who leads the couple holding their united hands.

The Best Man then exchanges the Crowns three times while the Priest and the Chanter sing: The Bible Readings With the Crowns now placed on their heads of the Bride and Groom uniting them as Husband and Wife, the Epistle is read from St. Since the changing of water into wine at Cana, Jesus continues to change the ‘water’ of ordinary relationships into the ‘wine’ of Sacramental marriage.

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