Oracle cursor for updating every row in same table Chat arabic sexe

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Have you tuned that SQL statement so that it effeciently pulls the data out of the database? Take the COMMIT out of the loop and see if that helps your performance.

You also mentioned that you are updating rows in another table in your cursor's loop. Finally, are you sure that you cannot perform this as one simple SQL statement rather than updating in a cursor's loop?

Based on that value, I update another table's column.

BEFORE triggers are usually used when validation needs to take place before accepting the change. I figured the two possible solutions were as follows: The issue with option 1 is that it means overriding the perfectly good out of the box behavior of ATG Profiles for the life of the application due to a set of awkward initial data.The issue with option 2 is that it would take approx 2-3 days.SQL is an ANSI and ISO standard and is the de-facto standard database query language. Database triggers are a set of code that run or fire automatically when the specific operation will performed like Insert, Update and Delete.They are store procedures that are auto configure and fire when certain events take place in database.

Cursors are one of the most common and fundamental terms in the database terminology.

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