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To this, MOM said it does not mean that maids are not protected by the law.

Said MOM: "Under EFMA, employers are required to ensure prompt payment of salaries, provision of proper food, rest days or compensation in lieu of accommodation, medical care, and safe working conditions for their FDWs. Employers who violate the laws face stiff fines, jail terms, and can be banned from hiring FDWs in future."Under the Penal Code, employers who commit offences against their FDWs face penalties of 1½ times the usual punishment.

MOM also cited its own 2015 survey of 1,000 FDWs, which found that 97 per cent of respondents were satisfied working here and the same percentage indicating that their workload was either just right, or they could handle more.

Said MOM: "We also interview more than 3,000 new FDWs per year after their first few months of working here.

About the same number also found the laws here "to be fair and tough enough to deal against abuse", said the post. FDW Association for Social Support and Training (FAST) executive director William Chew told the Straits Times that he was "really puzzled" at the survey findings as they were inconsistent with his own experience.

Mr Chew has been advocating for FDW rights since 2004.

The ministry also said it was “improper” to interprete isolation and confinement to include situations when a helper needs to seek her employers’ permission to leave the house, is not given her own set of keys or is required to return before midnight on her rest day.

I encourage all to read the report and form their own opinions,” said Ms Wessels.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Manpower deemed the study “misleading” and that it adopted an “overly simplistic” interpretation of the ILO’s indicators of labour exploitation.

For instance, it defined foreign domestic workers’ working hours without taking into consideration the fact that work and personal time, in the context of domestic work, cannot be easily differentiated.

A non-governmental organisation (NGO) helping migrant workers has said a study published last month, which found six in 10 foreign domestic helpers here to have been exploited, was published without its consent.

Revealing a rift with the lead researcher of the report, titled Bonded To The System, the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME) said on Friday (Dec 22) it would re-analyse the data and provide detailed findings in its report, to be presented early next year.

Using an interpretation of ILO's definitions, the study said exploitation refers to a combination of working and living in adverse conditions.

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