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The checks, which were counterfeit, would bounce after the victims transmited proceeds to various locations in the United States which were then laundered for transmission to Nigeria. Victims were then liable to their banks for the amount of checks and often hundreds of dollars in bank fees. Not only that, but you may be found guilty of cashing bogus checks.Another scenario is that the scammer finds out that you have a need for money and loans you a large amount with cashiers checks.In fact, there were claims that up until a year ago, not a single person in Nigeria was in jail for such crimes.That's starting to change, with new reports saying that about 500 people have been arrested with another 500 under investigation.

Victims were sent checks with mystery shopper and personal assistant instructions. Attorney Annette Williams of the Southern District of Mississippi, Trial Attorney Conor Mulroe of the Criminal Division’s Organized Crime and Gang Section, and Senior Counsel Peter Roman of the Criminal Division’s Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section prosecuted the case.You may feel inclined to help them and send them money. Real charitable organizations do not use dating services to get donations! Scammer is planning to visit your city or country and wants to send money ahead for use while there.After all, you have been led to believe this is your future spouse. They are going to 'trust' you to cash the checks for them.The scammer cannot afford it, but offers to drive to meet you (or take a plane or bus), and requests money to help pay for this.After you send the money, you never hear from them again - or you receive ongoing excuses to delay the trip and more requests for money.

Funso Hassan, 27, of Ibadan, Nigeria, and Anthony Shane Jeffers, 44, of Maryville, Tennessee, each pleaded guilty on April 12, 2016, to one count of conspiracy to commit identity theft and theft of government property and one count of use of mail and an interstate facility to distribute proceeds of a racketeering activity.

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