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You could say Aly is the quintessential woman who has it all, except there is one thing she is still looking for: Mr. "I think my worst fear is not finding somebody," said Strapulos.

"When I was younger I thought I would graduate high school, graduate college, marry somebody, be in the white picket fence, have a boy and a girl and then life would be grand.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from singles is the difficulty in finding quality people to date.

With modern technology, it is so easy to treat each other poorly that people are doing it out of laziness.

With a steadily growing population, it looks like it’s easy to fall in love with this city.

Once people arrive, they just don’t feel like leaving.

You might say that Indy-dwellers know where it’s at.

People not writing you back, attracting people you cannot stand, getting lied to, and just feeling it’s a useless exercise. She found how to quickly tell whether to keep talking with specific men.

Then you want to listen to Amy Webb’s TED TALK: How I Hacked On Line Dating. Researched what compatible men like in a woman and looked at her competition.

When you go to Indianapolis you get to walk on the same streets as Larry Bird, John Green, and Madam C. Maybe it’s something in the air that makes these people so great.

Indiana is known for friendly, hospitable people, and it’s not just because they have a strong Amish influence.

Many restaurants are dishing up modern versions of these European family heirlooms, and they’re so tasty we wouldn’t blame you if you tried to eat out every single night.

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