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Besides showing a lack of tact, here are some reasons your stories aren’t a great reflection on you: 1) They show whom you attract into your life Of course, we never know who’s going to show up on the other side of that café table. ) But at some level, if you tell your new dates that all your former dates were total disasters, the newbies might start to question your judgment.You do get idea of your matches’ personalities by communicating with them beforehand.They expected you to pay — or grabbed the check when you wanted to treat.They made an unwelcome sexual overture or waited too long to kiss you.

Maybe he had more hair, or she had a way better tan than the person who showed up on the date.

Except in the rare case in which you can show off how you handled the bad date (You got the drunk woman home safely and were a hero!

), it’s better to resist to temptation to tell all.

I knew all these things two weeks later, while i was trying to save the relationship she had sex twice in a week with that man....

I left everything, my house, my family, my studies (although I was planning to continue in Chile) EVERYTHING! Suddenly she changed completely, i realized she knew nothing about WN or NS, I realized her ex BF was a foocking mestizo that was into NS and that's why she was "into" WN. she fooled me, she played with me, after those two weeks we were perfect I found she had sex with another guy, as well as other guy's pennises pictures in her computer, and that she was into virtual sex with cam.

2) They show your lack of tolerance Before you break out your worst tales, ask yourself if they were really “horror stories”? 3) They make your date nervous If you attempt to entertain your date with the story about the date who fell asleep during a movie or said something too political or wrote “it’s” instead of “its,” you run the risk of causing your date to be extra guarded.

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