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The strategy behind the written profile isn’t just to get to know you, it’s to evoke enough interest to make a conversation. If not, you need to look at who you’re contacting — are they in your league, or are you throwing up Hail Marys? The sound bite advice to good email writing is asking meaningful questions.

When I’m on an online date, the men usually end up asking me for analysis of their online dating skills: how was their profile, how do they compare to other men.They want to feel like they are “good” at online dating. But, unfortunately, there is no Pulitzer for best written dating profile.I always answer the question the same way: You got me on a date. For men and women, your goal is not the best profile. Your profile can help reach that goal, but always keep the bigger picture in mind.You have to make that leap or all the other work is pointless. Rejection/being ignored is par for the course and is in NO way indicative of being bad at online dating.No one bats 100 percent, and even when you get to the dates, you’ll find some people aren’t what you were expecting. Online dating is a numbers game where the more times you get up to bat, the more chances you have to hit a home run.

If you’re getting dates, you are Charlie Sheen-style winning.

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