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A person, Kant holds, cannot allow others to use her body sexually in exchange for money without losing her humanity and becoming an object. But to allow one's person for profit to be used for the satisfaction of sexual desire, to make of oneself an Object of demand, is to dispose over oneself as over a thing” (Kant , 165). not entitled to offer themselves, for profit, as things for the use of others in the satisfaction of their sexual inclinations.

In so doing, they would run the risk of having their person used by all and sundry as an instrument for the satisfaction of inclination” (Kant , 165).

Kant's notion of objectification, therefore, focuses largely on instrumentality: the treatment of a person as a mere tool for the lover's purposes.

Objectification, for Kant, involves regarding someone “as an object, something for use” (Herman 1993, 57).

Kant defines as the offer for profit of one's person for another's sexual gratification. He is not entitled to sell a limb, not even one of his teeth.According to Alan Soble, for Kant, “both the body and the compliant actions of the other person are tools (a means) that one uses for one's sexual pleasure, and to that extent the other person is a fungible, functional thing” (Soble 2002a, 226).The idea that within sexual relationships people are reduced to objects, that they lose their rational nature, is an extreme one. In this entry, the focus is primarily on sexual objectification, objectification occurring in the sexual realm.Martha Nussbaum (1995, 257) has identified seven features that are involved in the idea of treating a person as an object: The majority of the thinkers discussing objectification have taken it to be a morally problematic phenomenon.

In her forthcoming work, Nancy Bauer questions the very idea that it makes sense to specify the marks and features of the term ‘objectification’.

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