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The official notary seal is the symbol of office that is universally expected on notarized documents.

Notary seals can vary in size, dimension, and the information they contain.

You will only have access to the data and not a copy of the notarized application form.

Current Virginia Notaries Public - you will need to know your exact commissioned name, your date of birth, AND your current notary public registration number.

Change your contact information Renew your commission online If eligible, you may renew online rather than submitting a notarized, paper application.

You will still need to report to the court to take your oath and pick up your commission.

Check the status of your application This includes applications submitted and paid using the online renewal, paper applications received by our office that have been approved, commissions that have been sent to the court for pick up, and commissions that have been reported back to our office by the court as picked up.

This is a serious error that may result in sanctions against the notary or worse- cause the notarized document to be questioned or rejected. One, be well aware of your state’s official notary stamp requirements and exactly what information must be displayed on your official stamp.

If the complaint is deemed valid, the notary will receive a letter of warning to advise them of the improper notarization.

The notary is also sent a letter of acknowledgement to sign and return to our office.

This office is not able to investigate any possible wrongdoings by a Virginia notary, nor are we able to determine a conflict of interest.

Please contact an attorney or the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office to obtain information for any possible Virginia Code violations or legal issues.

Expired Virginia Notaries Public with a commission expiration date in 2009 or later - you will need your previously commission name, date of birth, and previous registration number.

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