None user warn kernel driver sd needs updating

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We input this number to the "ussp-push" by running the following command: Note: you need to use your device's name, its MAC address and channel number when you run these commands.

Usually after the above commands are run a popup window will show on the phone that communicates with Smart4418 and you can start file transfers.

We then checked the Bluetooth services this phone supported with its MAC address presented in front of its device name Note: you need to use your device's name and its MAC address when you run these commands.

For a non-Android OS If it recognizes an LCD connected to the Smart4418 it will load "u Image" from "boot" otherwise it will load "u Image.hdmi".

You need the mkimage utility to compile a U-Boot source code package.

Make sure this utility works well on your host before you start compiling a u Image. If you want to generate a kernel for HDMI 1080P you can do it this way After your compilation succeeds a u Image will be generated for HDMI 1080P.

Insert an SD card(at least 8G) into a Windows PC and run the win32diskimager utility as administrator.

On the utility's main window select your SD card's drive, the wanted image file and click on "write" to start flashing the SD card.

Or you can check that by commanding "cat /proc/partitions" (Note: you need to replace "/dev/sdx" with the device name in your system) When you run the script for the first time it will prompt you to download an image you have to hit “Y” within 10 seconds otherwise you will miss the download (Note: you need to replace "/dev/sdx" with the device name in your system) When system boots our uboot will check whether it is connected to an LCD or an HDMI monitor.

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