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As Matt lay on my exam table completely naked with both nipples in clamps, I wondered how long it would take before I could conquer him. His eyes were tightly closed and he was inhaling and exhaling deeply. His cock was still limp and I wanted to get him aroused enough to have him get a hard on, but my efforts had not worked yet. "The pain is a good sign the blood is flowing to them." His feet were a nice mixture of muscles, veins and bumps and I imagined how I would enjoy sucking his toes.From the look on his face, the pain in his nipples seemed to be unbearable. I thought of my own cock getting me in trouble since my loose pants were no match for the growing pole behind them. His big toe was perfectly straight, but the others curved down and were closely packed."The longer they stay on the less pain you'll feel." He nodded in agreement with his eyes closed, saying they weren't as painful as before. I gripped each ankle and spread his powerful legs wide as I applied pressure to keep them from moving.I reached for the clamps and tightened them more to enjoy the reaction it would cause. From my new vantage point, I ran my eyes along his hairy legs, which angled out at the knees. His heavy balls were in loose sacks and the size of his limp cock was driving me wild, as it lay curved over his balls and pointing down to the exam table. " He opened his hazel eyes and I saw they were glassy with tears and must have blurred his vision since he did not see me take my hand out of my pants.

Does this exam really need to be this embarrassing? "Matt those are the rules." While still sitting on the edge, he spread his legs and I could see his cock again and his balls were hanging down past the edge of the exam table.I reached into my pants to wipe the pre-cum onto my hand again and transferred it to Matt's cock to use for lubricant and continued running my fingers down both sides of his shaft, avoiding his sensitive glans."As I said earlier, guys usually get an erection during physicals." He was now fully erect, and as I suspected, his cock was huge, nearly doubling in length. You're nineteen act like it." I continued to push it deeper inside him and leaned my shoulder against his belly to keep him down as I felt the balloon end move past the bladder muscle and into bladder as he released a loud cry. As Matt sobbed, mumbling incoherent words, I took the syringe and injected the saline solution into the catheter to inflate the balloon inside his bladder and attached the bag to the end of the tube.On the floor beneath the exam table, the puddles that were created from the pee running off his chest were making their way to a drain and the dripping sounds echoed throughout the room.The walls were painted white and a large round analog clock, which showed it was thirteen minutes past noon, hung above a mirror.

Most times he's shaving naked at the sink and I stand right next to him and pee with no problem, but you're a stranger." My cock began to pulsate as I visualized the two brothers and continued to look down at Matt handle his cock. "I have other patients waiting and this procedure is not painful and will be quick." As I picked up the package, I looked deep into his eyes, smiled and told him, "Relax." Matt's eyes followed as I ripped open the package. I promise if you give me a few more minutes to myself that I can pee." I dismissed his suggestion and reached for his limp cock, lifting it as I slowly pulled the foreskin down toward the base of the shaft. Your penis is moist and you said you masturbate at least twice a day. I spoke over my shoulder while continuing to rub his cock. You need me to fill out the college exam form." Matt fell back but started to rapidly wobble his feet at the heels, unable to stall my advance.

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