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Credit reports are updated on an ongoing basis based on your behavior and information you give to businesses and financial institutions, including credit card companies, banks, mortgage companies and other lenders.

All of the factors that determine your credit score come from your credit report, and those factors can be classified into three categories of information that lenders and businesses use to predict your future credit behavior: Lenders and businesses set their own parameters for the scoring model they want to use and what constitutes as a good credit score for a particular product or service.

You can have multiple credit scores that are slightly different because there are multiple credit bureaus, different scoring methodologies, and your credit information is often updated at different times.

Your score is calculated off the credit report on file from each bureau.

Unlike certain beginner personal finance gurus, Mr.

Money Mustache is a big fan of cash-back credit cards.

The first step to achieving good credit health is knowing where you land on the credit score spectrum and understanding what’s in your credit report.

Did you know that your credit score is one of the most important numbers that impacts your financial future?

The first step to achieving strong credit health is understanding your credit score and learning the basics of what’s in your credit report.

A credit score is a three-digit number, calculated by an algorithm that uses information from your credit report.

The score is designed to predict the likelihood that you can meet your credit and payment obligations or that you will go delinquent on your payments.

A common misconception is that each person is assigned only one credit score that bureaus and lenders access, but that’s not the case.

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