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So it turns out I was wrong about him writing for the true adventure pulps.

My only complaint is that it looks very rigid, like it’s clearly a mannequin or some sort of statue.

Not just because of the amount of money raised thanks to your pledges, but because it meant the realization of our dreams for Robotech®.

For Palladium Books, it signified bringing Robotech fans – ourselves among them – something new and exciting to the beloved Robotech® universe.

But that’s such a small gripe when you stop and realize that is one of the few recent horror books to genuinely scare me as I read it, so when I saw that Netflix had done a film of it I was both excited and nervous.

By nervous, I mean incredibly cowardly and watching the trailer through my fingers.

The cost to produce Wave Two, estimated at $300,000-$400,000 for tooling and manufacturing, plus $65,000 to import to the USA, plus $120,000-$160,000 to ship rewards to the backers, was more than any potential investor was willing to risk. Sometimes you miss the mark despite your best efforts, good intentions, and the money you pour into it.

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