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Pat later visits Tony at the Bada Bing to report his niece's suspicious behavior, before going back to Florida.

An associate of Christopher Moltisanti and a heroin addict.

The Di Meo/Soprano crime family is based on the De Cavalcante crime family.

Beppy Sasso is an original member of Junior Soprano crew, and was promoted to Underboss to Junior Soprano after the death of Jackie Aprile.

"Old Man" and Ercole "Eckley" Di Meo, is the founder and the longtime Boss of the Di Meo crime family.

By the events of the series, he is Boss in name only, and never demonstrated any influence over the family: he is serving a life sentence in a high security United States Prison in Springfield, Missouri.

However, it is clear that Di Meo had great muscle behind him when he led the family, as prominent capos "Johnny Boy" Soprano, Corrado "Junior" Soprano, and Michele "Feech" La Manna were below him.

Di Meo is based on the real boss of the North Jersey-based De Cavalcante crime family, Giovanni "John the Eagle" Riggi, an aging mobster serving a long prison term who made only the occasional intervention via the various acting bosses.

Di Meo also took a liking to Tony's father "Johnny Boy" Soprano and it is likely that Johnny would have been Acting Boss had he not died of emphysema in 1986.Christopher enlisted him to accommodate the Italian hitmen provided to Tony for the hit on Rusty Millio.Corky was chosen primarily because he speaks Italian and would therefore be able to communicate effectively with the hitmen.Corky was in fact born near Naples, moving to the States with his parents at age two. Corky performed well, delivering weapons and instructions at a remote spot without revealing much about himself, and the hit went smoothly.Chris delivered the second half of Corky's payment at the Feast of St.

The target this time was Phil Leotardo, but Corky was not as successful.

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