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The five then tap out a beat and play instruments, and Olivia sings "Turn Up the Music." Miss Reznick returns and says that they would make a great band, and encourages then to enter a music competition called "Rising Star," in which a popular band, Mudslide Crush, planned to enter.

The following day, Stella sends a text message to the members stating: Fluke or Destiny? The group agrees to chat at Dante's pizza where Stella reveals she signed the band up for Rising Star and the Halloween Bash.

They slowly come together singing "Turn up the Music." The band agrees to perform at Rising Star, after contemplating quitting.

At Rising Star, Mudslide Crush performs "Don't Ya Wish U Were Us." Lemonade Mouth unsuccessfully performs "Determinate." The audience begins to sing "Determinate" in support of the band.

Naomi Scott, who plays Mo in the upcoming DCOM of the same name, shared, "It has such a universal appeal.

The film was directed by Patricia Riggen and written by April Blair, and stars Bridgit Mendler, Adam Hicks, Hayley Kiyoko, Naomi Scott and Blake Michael.

Billy (Nick Roux) is hesitant about meeting Zoe's (Mariah Buzolin) parents.

At the Halloween Bash, Lemonade Mouth performs "Determinate." After the performance, Stella makes a speech opposing Brenigen's decisions and encouraging self-expression to the supportive crowd.

Angered, Principal Brenigen forbids them from playing at school.

The group gets into a heated argument with the men removing the lemonade machine.

Police arrive and they are brought to a holding cell to wait for their parents.

But, he keeps himself physically active throughout the day through work and gym exercises.

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