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Enjoying each other's company, no matter what you are doing, is a big part of the recipe for compatibility.I get how someone has parts of their life they want, or even need, their next partner to share with them.

To give you some idea how small or "niche" that is, the biggest dating sites have registered users that number well into the millions.

For example, I grew up in the Philadelphia area and I am a big fan of those sports teams.

But it's certainly not a "dealbreaker" if my next partner doesn't share the same passion (well maybe if she roots for the Mets).

Here is their link if you are interested or curious as to how this site works: While I have been utilizing Internet dating sites for several years, personally I have never felt the need to use those that fall into the niche category (sites that focus on a particular segment of your life) and have always used the larger, "general" dating sites.

I suppose that's because I have a variety of interests and activities which I don't think are considered different or unusual, nor are they a prerequisite for my next relationship.

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