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At the very beginning of the episode, Will [Robin Dunne] arrives back from a trip and he’s frantic; he’s been told that Bigfoot has been killed.

Will goes to the morgue where he finds Bigfoot lying there with two bullet holes in his chest, and we further learn that Magnus [Amanda Tapping] is the prime suspect.

He’s apparently human and appears to be wearing a homemade outfit, but nevertheless seems to possess miraculous powers. He was hilarious in it and brought so much to the role.

“So we’d start fresh, and ultimately we came up with a story that the network loved but that had nothing to do with Bigfoot’s back story whatsoever,” chuckles Mc Cullough.

“It does, however, involve Bigfoot in a very major and pivotal way.

Personally, I think , but, as is often the case in the world of TV, it eventually evolved into something quite different.

“We started out with marching orders to come up with a background story for Bigfoot [Christopher Heyerdahl],” explains the writer.

I’m not well-versed in the technology of it, but you sit in front of a giant computer screen and program in all the moves you want to do and draw all the vectors on the screen.

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